BARKER: Valet Box


BARKER: Valet Box


Our Wooden Valet box contains all of the essential shoe care items required to care for your Barker Shoes.

2 x Applicator Brushes (1 Black, 1 Natural)
Small Black Horsehair Brush
Small Natural Horsehair Brush
Suede Brush
7 Inch Genuine Shoe horn
Black Wax Polish
Tan Wax Polish
Brown Wax Polish
Burgundy Wax Polish
Neutral Wax Polish
Black Boxed Shoe Cream
Dark Brown Boxed Shoe Cream
Burgundy Boxed Shoe Cream
Tan Boxed Shoe Cream
Neutral Boxed Shoe Cream
2 x Beige Dusters
2 x Beige Shoe Bags
2 x Black 80cm laces
2 x Brown 80cm laces

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